The Door for Sexual Freedom

This book about lesbian sex is fun, educational and versatile; it is a book about sexual education in the good sense. Many people found information at school rather boring but this is quite the opposite, with tips, funny stories, spicy quotesand it is nice and wide: it not only focuses on the physical aspects, but also everything around it.

The Chapters

The different chapters are about flirting, going out, your body, free techniques, relationships, communication and sexual problems. For the lesbian escort London this is the best option. This is where you need the best option now. They are simply the best options for your perfect sexually active life.

  • If we go into detail then it is suddenly good. All kinds of research have shown that it is still necessary to provide basic information about exactly where to be found, and what potential sexually transmitted diseases also pose a risk to lesbians. The book examines everything thoroughly and also provides useful overviews of what you need to know for sure.
  • There are no photos in it, but very nice drawings and detailed illustrations of for example pelvis, vagina and clitoris. This actually makes the book a lot more original, and gives it a completely different atmosphere, without sacrificing practicality.

The best Techniques

In the chapter on free techniques, for example, the various positions are nicely illustrated and actually quite instructive. Not all pieces will be equally interesting for everyone, but of course you choose entirely yourself what you do / want to try in bed and lots of useful tips.

The stories about certain ways of flirting are, just like stories from the lesbian scene about relationships and exes, often very funny and so taken from life. I bought the book myself a few years ago, and learned a lot from it. It is also a pleasure to read; the writing style, drawings and many tips and nice quotes make it highly recommended. It is certainly a good book for women who have just got out of the closet, or have little experience, are just curious about women, or want to learn something more.

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