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How to organize an adult stripper party for your party?

Spoke in celebration the first thing that appears in your head is – decoration. It does not matter if the party happens in your own house, the party decoration is indispensable! What many people do to make the party more fun is to bet on themes and San Diego bachelorette party strippers for farewell. So you know what they always do in Lingerie Teas? With themes like “Moulin Rouge” in a sexy footprint? Same thing goes for the hen parties! Even if you are invited, you can take the opportunity to gift the bride with souvenirs and lingerie!

How it goes?

To decorate this party, you should use sexy and feminine elements, such as candies decorated with corsets, lingerie and minutia feather! The party has to be fun even in the decoration! Use your imagination and make the party according to the theme you have chosen. Colors: Bet on strong colors such as Red, Pink, Purple and give a touch of gold to make the party more glamorous!

Tip: It does not have to be a sophisticated and elaborate decoration. Do something simple and beautiful.

Bachelorette parties

How to enjoy the phone sex at its best?

During the party, the bride can play fun games with her friends to create a relaxed atmosphere at the party – so it’s important to invite only the closest friends to make you feel more at ease during friends’ jokes. Check out the best games and enjoy the bachelor party next to the one you love!


Lots of drinks, cocktails, gossip, food and more! Bars are also wonderful options for you to enjoy your last day of “singles”. In fact, you can combine with your fiancĂ© each of you go to a different bar, enjoy with your respective friends. It’s fun for sure!


If your dream is to go to some show, whether it’s international, rock or country music, you can enjoy your bachelor party to fulfill that dream! Gather a group and enjoy a night together, singing, dancing, shouting, the way that most matches the show. It will surely be an unforgettable night for you!

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